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“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the greatest intention.” -Kahlil Gibran

Medical Clinic Construction in Haiti

STW is engaging with local organizations in the South region of Haiti to oversee the need of a medical clinic in the area where access to medical care is poor. The distance needed to travel to the nearest clinic or hospital can exceed two or more a days of walk on foot. As a result many women and young children have lost their lives to diseases that could have been treated and prevented with proper diagnosed.

Building a School and Teacher Home in Southern Zambia

STW is in the process of gathering resources for the building of a school and teacher's home in Southern Zambia. About 280 kilometers from Livingstone Town, in Kazungula District, Chief Nyawa. In this village both English and Chitonga are spoken. The existing school facility is managed by the local community. We have materials for the construction such as sand, stones and bricks. We are in need of cement, iron sheets, roofing timber, windows, doors, paints, blackboards, desks and chairs. The current student population of that facility is 220, but there are at least twice that number of children we will need to accommodate for. The current room is very small and has no window, no concrete floor and is unfit for a learning environment.

Expanding Orphanages in India

STW is endeavoring to expand a number of orphanages in Kolkata, India. With more than 30 million orphans in the country, according to one estimate, only about 2500 were adopted last year- down from 5700 four years ago. There is dire need for rooms and bedding, clothing and food to sustain the children and keep them well nourished and cared for.

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